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The World Clown Association exists to serve the needs of the members of the Association. In this section you will find a host of resources to help you learn, grow and share making the art of clowning stronger and the world a more joyful place.


Clowning Around  --  Click Here
The WCA provides educational resources to its members through its seven yearly issues of the association’s magazine (“Clowning Around”). You will find the digital version of the magazine here.   

NQCA  --  Click Here
This is a bi-monthly newsletter sent out to all members. This news letter contains announcements and special timely updates not included in the Clowning Around Magazine

Scholarships  --   Click Here
WCA give out over USD 6000$ in educational scholarships every year to its members. Take advantage of this generous offer provided by the organization for its members

Local Alleys  --  Click Here
A Clown Alley is a group of clowns that meet to help each other to support and further their clown education. This group also works together to spread joy and laughter in their local community. You may browse through the Alley directory to find the nearest Alley close to you. Here you will also find information on how to form your own local WCA Alley

Junior Joey  --  Click Here
Any clown between the age of 6-15 is known as a Junior Joey. Here you will find information on how to apply for a Junior Joey Scholarship and other resources for Junior Joey

Educational Videos  --  Click Here
Find instructional videos on Clowning and Circus Skills by some of our WCA convention Instructors and WCA members

General Performance Videos  --  Click Here
Here is a link to our WCA youtube channel Playlist of various international clown and circus performance that you may find useful and inspiring

Caring Clown  --  Click Here
One of the larger areas of WCA focus is known as “Caring Clowning.” These comic characters visit children in hospitals, veterans in medical care facilities, hospice patients, rehabilitation centers and numerous charities. These clowns are not generally bold, brash or loud. They spend time with individual patients providing a caring – yet often comedic – interaction which allows patients or nursing home residents the opportunity to breath, smile, laugh, and have a pleasant distraction during this difficult time in their lives. Find information on Caring clown education and a directory of places that you could visit as ‘Caring Clown’

Ministry Clown  --  Click Here
A full “Clown Ministry Department” exists to help those who desire to use clowning in religious teaching and outreach. Find information on Clown Ministry through these pages

General Articles and News  --  Click Here
Find news and articles related to clowning, circus, balloons, puppets, magic and other allied skills that may be of interest to you.

Educational Articles  --  Click Here
Many of our clowns do educational programs in schools on topics like safety, promotion of reading, science, “No Bullying” and character values development. People learn easier and more fully when they are enjoying the educational experience. The unique clown character holds people’s attention and the educational material is more likely retained by each audience member. Find these and many other educational articles through these pages

Merchandise  --  Click Here
Want to own a part of WCA? Find WCA merchandise through these pages