About Us

Welcome to the wonderful world of clowning. We love to bring happiness, joy, fun and comic relief to children of all ages. Our World Clown Association (WCA) members range from full-time professional world-class performers to part-time hobbyists who enjoy sharing good, clean, fun on a sporadic basis. The binding tie is that desire to share the nurturing, fun-filled heart of a clown with people. WCA members aim to bring laughs and smiles into people’s daily lives. Sometimes this is a short interruption to an agonizing hospital stay, a weekly visit at a senior citizen’s home, an interlude between marching bands at a parade, a comic moment in a circus, or a feature performance in a birthday child’s home.

Many of our World Clown Association members are professional clown arts entertainers. You may see these artists appearing in circuses, at county and state fairs, proving highlight entertainment at festivals, working as entertainers at corporate events such as trade shows and company picnics, participating in theatre productions, or appearing on television programs from many different countries around the world. Some professional clowns also specialize in ‘humor therapy’.

The World Clown Association exists to serve the needs of the members of the Association, to serve the needs of local affiliate clown alleys (small groups), and to promote the art of clowning throughout the world. It was founded in 1982 with an emphasis on clown education and equipping of its members to be effective in their chosen area of clowning. Currently, the WCA has members in 35 countries. Our organization includes 26 official board members of which 14 are regional directors to communicate with and take care of members in their part of the world.

The WCA provides educational resources through its seven yearly issues of the association’s magazine (“Clowning Around”), via social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), through online content provided at its’ website (, through its various local clown alleys around the world, and also at its annual international convention.

The annual convention moves across the United States for three years then takes place in a region outside the United States in its’ fourth year. Some of the past “overseas” conventions have taken place in England, Scotland, Malaysia, Thailand and Canada. The WCA is focused on improving the quality of clowning with its members around the world. We have an international focus.

One of the larger areas of WCA focus is known as “Caring Clowning.” These comic characters visit children in hospitals, veterans in medical care facilities, hospice patients, rehabilitation centers and numerous charities. These clowns are not generally bold, brash or loud. They spend time with individual patients providing a caring – yet often comedic – interaction which allows patients or nursing home residents the opportunity to breath, smile, laugh, and have a pleasant distraction during this difficult time in their lives.

World Clown Association clowns care about people. They love to laugh and want to share that positive emotion with others. They are committed to present quality, family-friendly entertainment which creates a joyful experience for their audiences. We respectfully oppose any use of the clown image in evil, violent or destructive ways. We don’t cause stress. We help people relieve stress through laughter, fun, play, and creative experiences. Our WCA Members commit to help positively raise the public’s perception of the art of clowning locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Many of our clowns do educational programs in schools on topics like safety, promotion of reading, science, “No Bullying” and character values development. People learn easier and more fully when they are enjoying the educational experience. The unique clown character holds people’s attention and the educational material is more likely retained by each audience member. A full “Clown Ministry Department” exists to help those who desire to use clowning in religious teaching and outreach.

Also, please take a minute to thank and appreciate the hard-work by Mr. Martin D'Souza, Mrs. Roshni D'Souza, Andrew Moler and Anand Sharma for putting together this excellent website. 

We invite you to join us at the World Clown Association! Come learn, grow and share making the art of clowning stronger and the world a more joyful place.