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Spring Greetings from WCA!

For those of us in the Midwest and Northern USA/Canada I use that word with caution as we continue to be surprised by SNOW and cold temperatures, but in reality we know that it will begin to warm up! That reminds me that the term “First of May” will be here before we know it! Did realize that the term “First of May” came to be what new clowns are referred to as because they normally get their first gigs in parade season …which usually begins around the 1st of May? So, I guess it’s time to get out those parade props, get your clowning tools dusted off because the busy season for us in the USA is about to begin!

Thank you to those who joined us in Minneapolis for our recent convention. It was amazing! NOW is the time to plan to join us in Albuquerque, NM for the 2019 convention, March 3 – 7, 2019! You will not want to miss this “Clown FIESTA!” Register now through September 1st for $230. We will be offering an afternoon of “Humanitarian Clown Opportunities” and are also working on some optional “post convention” activities so keep your travel window open. For frequent updates join the 2019 WCA Convention Facebook Page:

If you missed some of the media reports from Bloomington, you can visit these links and enjoy some of the experience from Bloomington:

Welcome to our new Social Media Chair, Diana McCurtain Talbert! Diana welcomes your ideas and even others to help on her team! You can email her at: You can also message her through Facebook Messenger at her personal account: or through any of the WCA Facebook Pages.

Thank you for your membership in this premier organization! We as an organization continue to strive to provide for the needs of our members while promoting the art of clowning! Do you have any questions or concerns to bring to our attention? Are you interested in serving as a part of this fantastic team? I would love to hear from you!

Pam Moody
President, WCA
(515) 321-7657 cell
Do you have a fun, unique class the WCA Convention might like to offer?
I’m looking for instructors with energy, knowledge, motivation and new ideas!
Are you a vendor with new, improved items or something different? Do you have that one thing that every clown should have? Are you a classic vendor of clown accoutrements?
Contact Education Director
Kolinda Zander-Hussey at

As President Elect, one of the first things I wish to look at is; “How can we increase our members, both for the organization and also for our alleys?”


This is my idea, and I hope we can find a way of trying to get this to work.


We know we have a generation gap in our membership and we need to encourage the younger clowns to be a part of it and share in what we do. Here is something that should be considered; if they are to share in what we do, then we need to express an interest in what they are doing, how they are behaving, what style of clown they are enjoying and performing.


We pride ourselves of the detail of our costume and precision of our makeup, along with the laughter and joys that it brings. The youth aren’t embracing the makeup and costume in the same way that we do, yet they are performing at colleges, youth circuses, schools, theatres and in the street.


“Let’s invite them to our alleys to perform for us. Explain who the World Clown Association is, what our alleys are and how much fun that we have. In return for them performing for us, let’s perform for them and show what we do at festivals, carnivals, parades, birthdays, hospitals and schools.


To do this you will need to research circus and clown classes that are happening, maybe contact local colleges and drama/theatre school and ask them to come to your next alley meeting. Embrace them in what they do. They are our future. Hopefully we can then spark their interest and they will return to your next alley meeting to learn and share more, maybe they will decide to join the WCA and take the magazine, and maybe even decide to come to the next WCA convention.


This is not going to happen by itself. As clowns and as an alley, you’ll need to work together to formulate an action plan and start to reach out. When your successful, I know other clowns and members will be interested in your stories. So use Social Media, search the internet, ask friends and even scour local newspapers, radio and TV stations.


I look forward to you making your first contact and helping others to learn about the future of clown.


Andrew Davis

WCA President Elect 2018-2019


To renew your membership and insurance you can go to:

If you just want membership you can go to:
Do I REALLY need insurance?

I am often asked the same questions quite often. Here are some of them

Why do I need insurance?
Well the simple answer is just in case. For the cost of just $155 you are covered for just about anything you would be liable for during your performance. All it takes is one small error to cost you thousands of dollars, but with the insurance we have you covered. An example is a few years ago there was a WCA member that caused a very small stain on a carpet during a party. The homeowner them demanded that the entire house be carpet cleaned so that all the carpets matched. Needless to say this cost more then the premium the member paid. The insurance company took care of it.

Where am I covered?
The insurance has you covered just about any place in the world with the exceptions of Embargoed North Korea.
How about on a Cruise Ship? YES!!!

What about my homeowners insurance?
Often homeowners insurance does not provide coverage while conducting business. If you are relying on your homeowners insurance please check with your broker to make sure.
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