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Education Director - Kolinda 'Kozy' Zander-Hussey
Currently I am the acting WCA Educational Director. I served as the World Clown Association Awards Director for a number of years. I was the driving force behind TEAM ZED! Changing the face of the position and made it run like clock work, and made it fun for all involved. Everyone wanted to be on TEAM ZED! As Educational Director I have the passion, the drive and the experience to bring new ideas, new lecturers (as well as favourites) to the World Clown Association Conventions. I believe the WCA offers the finest of education. I am hoping to implement track education which would bring our members on a daily journey of clown education. Offering daily "track" intensive classes for the novice clown and track classes for the experienced clown. Of course there would also be your regular classes too. Hard work, organisation, and moving into the future of clowning is what I will bring to the table. Whether you are an inexperienced clown, or just starting out. The World Clown Association is a top notch education resource and I am the one to spear head it into the future. Here is a little bit about Kolinda: I am a Hometown turned Circus Clown. Performing all over the world bringing family entertainment and genuine good feelings. Whether creating magical moments in India and Dubai, joking in Japan, thrilling crowds with musical tricks in Canada or dazzling with buoyant buffoonery across the USA, I am half of the team (the pretty half) of EZ and Kozy International Clown couple. EZ and I met while clowning in Manitoba, Canada and blossomed our professional and personal relationship from there. Bringing to our marriage and act a combination of talents including stilt walking, face painting, balloon sculpture, comedy routines, bubble making, musical bells, juggling, magical illusions, snappy patter, silly songs, games and improvisation. Follow us and Like us on FaceBook; EZ and Kozy International Clown Couple.



Marketing Director - Norm 'Norman' Barnhart

Hello World Clown Friends. Each member of the World Clowns is important and loved. Our board strives to put you first. I was asked in August 2018 to step in and fill out the term for marketing director. I was the World Clown marketing guy for 4 years before that and spent 250 hours on building a new website and promoting our awesome club. Achievements include working for 3 years to get magazine on line and improve educational articles and information on website. Currently I am designing the posters, ads and promotion for the 2019 convention in beautiful Albuquerque. May I take a moment to encourage you to sign up for this one of a kind comedy and clown convention March 3-7, 2019. It will be super fun and educational. The Marketing Director's goals are to increase membership, oversee Facebook & website, eat blueberry pie and promote the W.C.A. conventions (space is still available for you to Fiesta with fun folks in Awesome Albuquerque!!!) I am a full time comedy guy and understand the marketing side of Show Biz. I will do my best to serve our members, board and president. Life is too short - so be happy! And come to Albuquerque - it will be an awesome experience you will really enjoy. Invite a friend. Do it now! Quit reading this stuff I am writing and sign up today!



American Southwest Director - Dale 'Patches the Clown' Flashberg

I am running for the position of WCA American South West Regional Director. I have been your SW Regional Director for the past two years. I have learned a lot from holding this position, while corresponding with my local alley members and attending conventions and meeting WCA members. I have enjoyed working with the executive board members and learning how WCA works. It is hard to believe that I have been a clown since 2006. Seems like yesterday when I took a Clowning 101 class with Toby the Clown Foundation. I joined WCA soon after graduating the clown class Additionally, I have held the position of COAI South Central Regional VP and have held the position of South-Central Area Director for The Texas Clown Association. Also, I have been active in my local clown alley, The Jolly Joeys Clown Alley of San Antonio, Texas, holding the positions of VP/Gig Master, Secretary, Member At Large, Newsletter editor, and currently Treasurer. I enjoy clowning with my clown alley as well as clowning with a clown partner or alone. We go to hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes as well as libraries and parades, to mention a few. If I am re-elected, I will do my best to hold this position and perform to the best of my ability. Thank you for your vote, Dale PATCHES THE CLOWN Flashberg, WCA # 22928




American Northeast Director - Nicole 'Maggie the Clown' Portwood.

As the Northeast Regional Director I will continue to recruit new members and foster the love of clowning into the next generation! It appears that clowning is a "bit" of a struggling art.I can say that as I feel I have seen a lot of changes in the last 35 years since I became a clown. Whenever I clown with other clowns, I always felt like everyone is "my age". Well, unfortunately, that shouldn't be continuously happening for over 30 years! In other words, everyone is STILL my age and older it seems. That in itself is not a bad thing as I think this is what keeps us young, but at some point we really DO need to start seeing more young people take up the art of clowning. It is my hope as a Regional Director to really get out there and canvass locales such as theatre groups, youth circuses, students interested in extra-curricular activities that may be "out of the norm" etc. and really educate them on what a great art form clowning really is. It truly is up to us to make sure clowning continues to bring the joy we know people really need in their lives. I also look forward to sharing some of the knowledge I have acquired over the years through my articles and postings. My road to clowning began as a teenager needing a summer job. Not REALLY wanting to work, I decided that being a clown looked "easy". At the very least it sure looked like a lot of fun! I loved it so much I opted not to college for nursing and auditioned for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College instead. I spent the next several years touring and fulfilling every clowns dream of being able to perform with the Greatest Show on Earth. I eventually met my husband and gave up centre ring for an engagement ring! I perform full time as a clown in whatever capacity I am asked and I also own and operate Bay State Clown Arts which is the educational arm of my business. Two years ago I started a WCA Clown Alley here in Massachusetts, called The Bay State Clowns, and continue to help people form "county" groups that meet regularly to share the fun and fellowship of clowning.




American Midwest Director - Wesley 'Baloo Baphoon' Newman

Mr Newman performs in clown as Baloo Baphoon creating Balloon Animals, and Magic. He has performed at Birthday Parties, Hospitals, Assisted Living Residences, Local Festivals, County Fairs, Weddings, and Family Reunions. He has attended many training courses including: Mooseburger University in 1994, MooseCamp in 1997, Next Step Christian clown conference in 2006, Family Entertainers Workshop in 2006, 2009, 2010, and has volunteered at Reach-up Headstart in 2005. Wesley also teaches children the art of clowning and the love of entertaining. Wesley says, 'As I have made clown my life since I was 18 years old it has been everything to me. I have trained others in the art form, I have gone to bat for happy / party clowns in all media outlets because of the scary clown scare. I have tried to connect all of the clown clubs in the central Minnesota area to try and work together to make more out of each clown. I would like to be able to present to the WCA a positive clown front from the Midwest region.'




American Mid Atlantic Director - Bill 'Shobo da Clown' Schober.

My name is Bill Schober aka shobo da clown and now days as Santa Shobo. Randy Christensen nominated me in this position a few years back and last mid Atlantic election was elected to the post. I have been “Clowning Around” for about 30 years. I am a part of MACA ( mid-Atlantic Clown association) as the organization’s Chaplain. Member of LAUGH ( Loving All Under God’s House) Clown Ministry. President of Kapo’s Gang (our Local clown alley) I also do many Clown Shows in libraries and campgrounds with Ron ”Shady “ Mount in the “Shobo and Shady show” and once a month head to Shady lane Nursing home to clown with Carol “ Pearl” Brozosky. I have a seasonal Gig as the “big man” at Great Adventure in Jackson NJ during their “Holiday in the Park’ season I’m a father of 5 and grandfather of 3 boys…I’ve been married for 15 years to my ”Sweetheart” (that’s her clown name when we went on 3 missions trips overseas) I’m a HUGE Philly sports teams fan. (please don’t hold that against me..LOL)..I’ve been working out our family business ( Charles Schober Co in Philadelphia) for over 35 years. I am the 4th generation of the company that was started by my Great Grandfather in 1892. I would like to continue the role in Mid-Atlantic Regional Director to help people in our region to learn more about WCA. I have enjoyed some of the communication with others in the region and look forward to “Talking clown” to even more. I have always felt WCA is a step above all the other clown associations and really enjoy reading the very informative ‘Clowning around” magazine. I set up a WCA mid-Atlantic facebook page to communicate what’s going on in the area. I look forward to setting up some “Zoom” conferences with others in the region in the future to better communicate to others.




Canadian Central Director - Charles 'Sleepy' Lauder

My name is Charles and I have been entertaining the Canadian Prairies for more then two decades, and have even performed on the other side of the world in Dubai. Known most for my balloons, As Sleepy I also juggle, magic, perform on stage and off and generally have the best times in the grease paint. Clowning is what I love and I strive to do more of it. I have been the Central Canadian Regional Director for a few years now and would like to continue to serve my community. I love being a director on the board and that it has exposed me to clowns and styles from all over the world. I want to continue to represent my corner of Canada to the WCA and expose my corner to the rest of the world. We all learn from each other and I want my clown friends to learn from you.




Latin American Director - Asia 'Quty' Espinal

1988 was the start of my professional career in clowning I joined my first alley in 2002. In 2004 to gain further knowledge and experience I joined the World Clown Association as well as other International Organizations. I stayed involved and ran for many offices in my local alleys. I had the desire to be the best that I could be so that I could share the knowledge that I acquired with others. I trained extensively in magic, face painting, balloon and clown makeup and costuming. Since 2004 I have been a Top Ten International award-winning clown. I have been an instructor of many subjects at my local alleys and I was also invited to travel to the Dominican Republic to teach. While at a convention in Mexico I visited many alleys to share with them the benefit of becoming WCA members. I have volunteered my skills at many different non-profit organizations and entities for the special needs’ population such as nursing homes, preschool elementary and high schools as well as hospitals. The accumulated time devoted to these endeavours has exceeded 500 hours. One of my passions has been to share my love of clowning with unwed mothers in high schools in Passaic NJ; being a single mom myself I shared how clowning had created a profession for me and made it possible to be part of my daughter and grandsons’ lives. I have encouraged both to consider the benefits of clowning. During my career I have acted as Jury, President and Treasurer of various groups of clowns. 2013 - 2015 President Deanna Hartmier appointed me to be the Latin American Director of the World Clown Association. Among my accomplishments I started an alley in Guatemala with the purpose of reconnecting all Latino groups. I could address and clarify many points necessary for the growth of the organization. As a Latino myself I am proud to be a member and want to share that pride with all Latino clowns and make myself available as a mentor. Being a clown is my real passion of “HEART” and I desire to continue uniting everyone regardless of race, color, language, or nationality. World Clown is unique and exclusive in accepting everyone as a true family! The most important thing is “SMILE” a smile gladdens the Heart!




Latin American Director - Felix Santizo

I am Fruty The Clown from Guatemala, I started being a clown since 2006 and I work most of the time in birthday’s parties, festivals and towns fairs. I have been learning about clowning in different clown’s conventions realized in different countries of Latin America, Central America, Mexico and United States. I also teach and share with other clowns about our art of clowning and about make-up, balloons, face-painting, theatre, scenic arts, and other fun things about clowns. I have participated in different clown’s competitions and I have won some first, second and third places and several top tens too. I love being a clown, do performances and make the people laugh. I have my own foundation with a couple from United States and we help the babies who born with cleft lip and palate. We have helped more than 50 babies and we started our mission 9 years ago. Our foundation’s name is “Evelyn’s Baskets of Love and Life.