Creativity for Entertainers


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When Bruce “Charlie” Johnson takes on a subject you know it will be well researched, clearly written and filled with fascinating antidotes to keep it interesting. In the book Creativity For Entertainers Volume One, he takes on a subject that is dear to his heart and something that he is an expert at himself. This book is part one of a trilogy that is an encyclopedic masterpiece on the topic of bringing out creativity for entertainers.

This book will help you explore the creative process and generate more and better ideas. This will improve you programs and delight your audiences.

He begins by reporting what experts from Harvard to Berkley say from their research on the creative process and it’s use in business and every day life. The main discovery is that what makes a person most creative is the belief that they are creative. He explores how this knowledge can help you improve your act. This is a valuable book indeed. Everyone should strive for the best and doing this will reward you in joy of performing and yes, even in the pocketbook, as more clients line up to see your wonderful work.

In Volume One you will discover the steps in the creative process and how to use this to generate ideas. He then shows you how to put these ideas together and into your show. There are two other volumes that I will not cover deeply at this point. Volume Two is dedicated to tools and techniques for Creativity and how to jump-start your thinking. Volume Three is filled with creative routines that Bruce has developed for his shows. It is a wonderful study of creativity at work and filled with fun and funny routines that will delight your audience.

If you want to be a better entertainer, you need these books. It’s a home study course that will make you think and discover ways to improve your performance.

Bruce says, “To be a creative performer, you need to work at it, but you also need the tools to make your work efficient.” He has filled Volume One with tools that will help you discover your creative abilities and then effectively put them to work.

Bruce says that when you start the creative process you are an explorer looking for many options to solve a problem or create a solution. The more options the better so he shows you how to approach this idea generating process. The next step is to be an Artist and discover new ways to look at things and this will result in generating new ideas. This chapter has so many cool ideas for looking at things differently and discovering your creative talents. Yes, you have them, and if you are in doubt about your creative ability, you really need this book. You will be delighted to discover how much creativity you have. Of course if you are already a creative minded person, this book will really light your fire.

It’s amazing how much ground Bruce “Charlie” Johnson covers in this book. Of special interest to many will be the 4 or so pages he touches on competition at clown conventions, and offers some wise advice as well quotes from brilliant minds such as Randy Munson and Barry DeChant.

You will discover so many techniques and ideas. He discusses how to take your ideas from inspiration to the actual finished stage. He gives good council on how to take risks and how to analyze your work. He covers audience reactions and offers performance tips.

Did I mention that I really like this book? The great thing about this book is that it is a good read. It is enjoyable, well written, and filled lots of interesting stories from the world of entertainment. Bruce expertly weaves these stories into his writing so that the points he is making come to life in a fascinating way. It’s a fun way to learn. Make an investment in yourself; study and grow from this book. You, and your audience, will be glad you did.

A Book review by Norm B.