Creating a Simple Clown Show


Whether we’ve been clowning for several years or we’ve just begun our clowning adventure, enjoying the ride is important for both ourselves and our audiences. The way I’ve made sure of this is to create a clown show that I know I’m very comfortable with and that my audience will enjoy.

This doesn’t mean that a simple clown show requires little or no talent or education…

On the contrary, a simple and entertaining clown show is the product of knowing your best skills, how you can make them funny/entertaining and then delivering this presentation comfortably and confidently. Your level of confidence in your presentation will allow you to have fun and enjoy the show and the audience will gladly join in on the fun….mission accomplished!

Here’s what I’m talking about….We’re not world renowned magicians or dancers, we’re clowns. Our goal is to create a joyful environment, bring smiles to our audiences and in the process positively promote the art of clowning. We can start with our clown character; it should be a well developed, comical individual, real and enthusiastic. Your character is dressed to have fun and prepared to entertain with the greatest of ease. In my opinion, when it comes to creating a clown show, your character is 90% of your performance. You’re now ready to add to your show the tools and skills of the trade.

These are some important things to do and know even before you get the call to perform a clown show for a particular event: First, because our profession deals with working with young children and the public in general, work at staying healthy with good nutrition and good exercise. Nurture and maintain a positive outlook and always give authentically and with an open heart.

Second, know your skills, the talents that you’ve worked on and polished. Those performance skills that you’re most comfortable entertaining with, i.e.; skits, puppetry, music, comedy magic, etc. To know these is important because it is what makes you unique.

And thirdly, have a good inventory of your props, files and music. Keep these in good condition and organized ready to reference and use. These items were originally an investment and now have become your partner; they deserve your attention and care. Items such as your class notes, music, sound system, magic props, puppets, etc.

Now you’re ready to receive that call for that clown event, you begin by gathering your client’s needs and expectations. Important to know the particulars about the event and attendees; what’s the occasion, in-doors, out-doors, facilities, sound system, number of attendees, age levels, etc…the planning of your show can now begin.

Here is a quick break-down of what works for Bebop in preparing a simple, entertaining clown show.

Structing for ease and flow I make sure that I:

  • Work at blocking my show; beginning, transitions and closing
  • Keep in mind that I want to connect with my audience throughout my show
  • Stay focused on pacing both myself and my audience

As I work on my opening I:

  • Use music to create a joyful environment, this encourages interest and anticipation
  • Greet audience members individually when possible before the show
  • Do a simple introduction and recognize the occasion and/or honoree

Creating the show with energy and smooth transitions I include:

  • Simple comedy routine to create fun and establish my character
  • Routines to create anticipation with magic, puppets or musical routine
  • Performances with audience involvement and/or participation

As I prepare the closing I:

  • Perform a routine that creates laughter
  • Begin to pack-up with goodbyes and background music
  • Give Thanks to all for including me in their celebration

This breakdown of a clown show is a simple one but in my mind having fun shouldn’t be difficult. I have hopes that some of what I have shared with you will be of some help as you prepare for your next performance. Let me know your thoughts on this information I’m always eager to hear your suggestions, thoughts and opinions.

Past-President, Aurora “Bebop” Krause
I can be reached at