Clowning: Growth and Potential

If we have selected clowning as a profession or a hobby either part-time or full-time we should strive to learn all we can about the Art of Clowning; the history, the artistry then and now, the entertainers who excel in the industry. Who do we admire and are learning from? Who or what created our interest? Then lets look at where are clowning has taken us or if we’re just starting out, where it’s trying to lead us. We’ve learned clown types, clown characters; costumes, props, skills, etc…Certainly all these are important but soon and hopefully early on the idea of learning “to clown” will be the center of our attention. This includes creating a well developed clown character and challenging our entertaining potential.

We first learn and practice the best make-up application techniques, work at putting together the best possible costume that our circumstances allow. We learn to work with a favorite prop or walk-around. Now where do we go from here? What’s expected?

Is our audience enjoying our walk-around and our birthday party? Are children laughing and are those around us enjoying our clowning contribution?

The worse thing we can do to ourselves and the Art of Clowning is to place self-imposed limits on ourselves. This is especially important to new clowns who have only been clowning for one or two years. Have you moved forward past your favorite prop or skit? Have you made changes with a focus on improvements to your looks, your skills and your presentation? Are you taking risks in order to increase your clowning creativity?

We’re not locked into our original costume or make-up, if either has proven to be limiting in potential we need to make changes. The same applies to our clown character, is the character we started out with easy for us to work with? Where do you need help in finding the excitement you know that clowning has to offer? As a member of the World Clown Association you have on-going educational opportunities and resources to select from. Our “Clowning Around” publication is only the beginning of knowledge and information. In addition to every issue offering input and experience from those who love to clown, we also have conventions and workshops and a very informative website.

In an effort to continue moving forward let’s move past our make-up and costume and our favorite prop. This is what I propose; next time you’re going to do a walk-around gig leave your props at home, or at least in the car, and clown your little heart away, it’s a challenge but it’s where growth and potential can be found. After you do this, write to me about your experience, I’d love to hear about it.

Thank-You for your WCA membership, I welcome your comments and suggestions,
I look forward to hearing from you, BeBop

Aurora “BeBop” Krause