Clown of the Year Form

The World Clown Association Clown of the Year is a very prestigious Award given to one of our members each year to honor them for outstanding work done in the Art of Clowning for the World Clown Association, in their communities, and throughout the world of clowning.

Any member of the World Clown Association can nominate a candidate for Clown of the Year. However, a World Clown Association member must be a member for a full year before they can be considered for nomination and you cannot nominate yourself to receive this award.

Any person who has previously won the World Clown Association Clown of the Year honor becomes eligible again for the award following a five-year period after their previous receipt of the award.

One year after the immediate past president is out of office, she/he is eligible to be nominated, but their qualifications can’t consider the duties they performed for the World Clown Association as President.

The award is not intended for non-clown members such as disc jockeys, magicians or jugglers.

Now keeping in mind the above clarifications and qualifications for nominating someone to be the World Clown Association Clown of the Year, there are four general categories of accomplishments that are considered when evaluating candidates for the Clown of the Year Award.

To Nominate someone you can download form below or fill out online:

Fill out online HERE