Caring Clown Code of Ethics

(Drafted by Karen Baxter, January 2012)
On behalf of the WCA Caring Clown Committee
1. As a caring clown I will strive to "create joy in the moment."  I will expect nothing from my audience in return.
2. I will conduct  myself in a respectful, sensitive, gentle manner at all times. I  will  not  interfere with staff or impose myself on  facility population.  I will be mindful  of the individual  needs of  patients and/or residents.
3. I will always be respectful of a patient or resident’s personal space and seek permission to enter it. 
4. I will apply my makeup in a soft, professional manner and refrain from using fragrance. My costume will be clean, pressed and not interfere with facility equipment.
5. While ‘in clown’ I will abide by the facilities’ rules and regulations for volunteers. I will seek directives from staff in charge. I will be knowledgeable about facility policies and procedures because  I have completed the orientation  process for volunteers.
6. When I commit my ‘clown’ and time to a facility or facilities, I will do my utmost to uphold my commitment and volunteer on a regularly scheduled basis. 
7. I will neither drink alcoholic beverages nor smoke before or during a visit. If  I must eat or drink during a visit I will  use discretion. 
8. I will strive to continually educate myself as a caring clown and contribute to the education of others. 
9. Whether ‘in clown’ or as a civilian, I will always do my utmost to uphold a ‘caring clown’ demeanour – an open heart, a listening ear and a sensitive nature. 
“The greatest GIFT a  caring clown can share is the GIFT OF SELF. Sometimes this gift is offered most effectively in simple presence, in loving silence or in sharing a faith journey  when  and  if appropriate.”
(Chris Montross)