Building A Base


The early days of the World Clown Association required good thought, principles and practices that would sustain an ongoing association. I’m thankful for those that came before and laid that good foundation for us.

Now, over 30 years later, we continue to carve out new initiatives and emphasize educational opportunities in WCA. At the same time, we don’t want to swerve away from our founding priniciples.

One of the key areas that our founders focused upon was having good information available to all of our members. Through education each one of us would improve our clowning, and thus improve the world of clowning for our audiences.

Around the world, we continue to build new foundations in regions where WCA clowning did not exist 10 years ago.

Recently, a host of experienced WCA clowns have worked to craft a new document called “The WCA Code of Conduct.” New and experienced clowns will have a clear picture of what a quality clown should be doing. This is a base which we can all build upon.

It’s been my goal, during my presidency, to help secure stable footing for the WCA and it’s members: to bring an attitude of service, respect for the art, and appreciation for those that have “walked the sawdust trail” before us.

Thank you for the privilege of serving this fine association. I have sincerely appreciated the support and involvement of so many that continue to build a base for the clown generations to come.

Randy Christensen
WCA President (2015-March 2017)