Clown Magic!!!!

   By LoMax and Tango


LoMax & Tango – Clowns from California

         Tango and I clown together, she doing face painting while I do balloons, juggling and magic, so she asked me to contribute to this month’s column. We do very few birthday parties. We do far more parades and events so I will write from that point of view.

            My favorite two effects are sponge items and the magic coloring book. They play “BIG,” but pack small. I like to do a quick sponge ball effect on a parade route since I generally only have a few seconds at any once stop. Often I will put one ball in my hand and place on ball in their hand — then “POOF” they have two and I have none. If you are uncomfortable with actually doing the magic, you can tell them that you have ball “A” and they have ball “B” and after the magic word or magic gesture, the balls have switched places; and you now have ball “B” and they have ball “A.” You can even do it again, if you have time, to put them back in the right position, you with ball “A” and them with ball “B.” It seems silly, but hey, you are a clown, right??? I can generally get the balls back from the person that I’m interacting with by pretending to start doing another effect – sponge balls in hand, I suddenly notice the parade moving on and I have to leave. But if I can not, then staying in clown, I just leave the one or two sponge balls and move on.

            Tango has purchased grey hare sponge items and will hold one in her hand so people can not see it. She will then reach back and pull it from the head of a young person or a young man and gasp, “You must be very old, you have a grey hair!”

            If we are at an event, I do a longer sponge ball routine but I still start with the “A” and “B” ball gag since I am a clown and it is funny. I then do “real” magic by making a ball jump from my hand to their hand; and then, placing two balls in their hand magically making a third ball appear in their hand. The fun is still there even if I could not do magic.

            I also like to do the Magic coloring book. I use the circus version since, again, I am a clown and it just seems to make more sense. I show the pages blank, and then I involve the people, by asking then to draw circus items in the air. I tell them to draw big and I move the coloring book in the space they were drawing. I then show them the drawings. I ask them to think of colors or if they are wearing bright color clothing, I will rub the book on their clothes, and I show them the pictures colored in. Finally, in joy, I quickly move my hands, one holding the coloring book, from my chest out and then cry, “OH NO!!!.” I sadly show them the coloring book with blank pages again explaining, “I hate when I do that, the pictures are sent out to space.”







See you down the road,       

        Tango and LoMax











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