Amanda O’Leary – Thoughts on Caring Clowning Everywhere

By Amanda O’Leary

Here are a few thoughts to get your thinking process going. 

Some people are Caring Clowns but don’t recognize themselves as caring clowns because they don’t do hospital programs.

People don’t see themselves as Caring Clowns – but it’s not about where you do the clowning, – it is the heart you put into it.

Its about putting the other person first .


Amanda O’Leary that dynamic entertainer from Vancouver, Canada

Caring Clowning – but I don’t do visit hospitals…
Many think Caring Clowning is used primarily in hospitals and seniors homes, I think Caring Clowning is the nugget and the basis of all clowning – giving your power over to the other person and following their lead. The close proximity of your audience gets you to adjust all that you do to their needs and wants while all the time adapting to various spaces. How do you keep the clown alive when you can’t be big and crazy? Basic guidelines for visiting are discussed, also finding the conversation, finding the fun, finding the humanity, how to support yourself and keep your sanity. As the World Clown Association’s Caring Clown Director, Amanda can’t emphasis these points enough. It ain’t about YOU!

“I was going to give up clowning. I was just flat inside. You have given me my spark back.” Alabama Childrens’ Hospital Workshop Participant

“You reaffirmed what I was doing right and you made me proud of the work I do.” Colorado Longmont Hospital Workshop Participant


Amanda (Smartee Pants) O’Leary

Amanda teaches how to be “in the moment” and is hailed for her entertaining and educational real life adventure stories. Her Caring Clown Class is applicable to all who clown, not just caring clowns. Creating connection with people, one person at a time. Her stories will make you laugh till you cry and others will allow you to touch that big well of humanity that we all belong to. Amanda O’Leary is an educator and entertainer and an energizer and an enthusiazer (she made that word up –that’s where people get excited about themselves and their possibilities because someone else is enthusiastic about them!) all wrapped up in one person. She has been the Caring Clown Director of the WCA since 2011. Amanda brings to the table her knowledge of the art of clowning, theatre, magic and presentation skills. It’ll be fun! 

Amanda (Smartee Pants)O’Leary

Presentation Coach and Workshop Leader 
Amanda lectures on using Magic in your Presentations – Magic, Education and Fun all in one.

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Vancouver, Canada Clown

World Clown Association Caring Clown Director