Five Tips for Summer Parade Survival.     

by Norman the Clown

            Hey it is time for parades and all the fun that your clowning will bring to the gathered people.   But be careful out there, if you get over heated you may end up with an un-fun ride in an ambulance.

            #1 – Know your limits.  If you plan on walking a 3 mile parade in July… make sure you are walking almost every day now so you know how far you can walk comfortably.  Try taking your daily walk with clown shoes… You may want to consider tennis shes for the parade itself.

            #2 – Keep your props light. If using large parade props… consider ways to put those props on wheels that can roll behind you or in a cart that can be pushed.  If carrying a suitcase gag, make sure it is light weight.

            #3 – Have access to water, maybe carry a bottle in your pocket or a canteen on a string that matches your outfit. There are some wonderful, bright colored water bottles that would match most any clown suit.

            #4 – Eat healthy the morning of the parade. Enjoy fruit – but don’t eat the candy tossed from parade floats along the way, too much sugar could put you out of whack.

            #5-  Show up early... and rest before the parade. Take a short nap in the car. But don’t wear yourself out entertaining the other waiting floats and parade participants… save your energy for the long walk ahead.

Norman the Clown loves to bring smiles to children of all ages along the parade route.

            Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to ask.. If you are half way through the parade and feeling a bit hot, or tired… or both – ask one of the “queens” in a convertible or companies with a truck that is rolling in the parade… or someone with an antique car, if you can ride along in their car. If you ask I am sure someone would let you. if you are in the least bit of doubt, take it easy and wave to the crowd out the window of a rolling parade vehicle. I think they would be thrilled to have you on board.


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