The Fantastically Funny Rabbit from Hat Trick

Magicians can pull rabbits from a hat – NOW clowns can too… with this funny routine.

The Fantastically Funny Rabbit from Hat Trick      by Norm B.

The Rabbit from Hat Trick is considered a classic of magic which makes it a perfect trick for the clown to spoof.  This is an original routine that has a few old gags added in. I hope you like it. Remember your personality and style add the needed pizzazz to make this a fun and funny routine.

A Rabbit from the Hat??? It is possible

A Rabbit from the Hat??? It is possible


What You Need:  A large hat specially prepared with a trap door of cloth and Velcro or cardboard as shown to make a secret pocket in the bottom. A variety of props as you see follow. Add your own for a new way of doing this. You can use a stuffed animal or even a live rabbit or guinea pig. The bunny sits in the bottom of the hat waiting for you to open the door so they can peek out the top.  If you feed the critter a bit of carrot every time they poke their head up it will be something they do every time. And that brings the laugh at the end.

The hat can be tipped forward and shown empty. then at the right time things are brought out of the secret bottom compartment. This secret compartment is made in the lower half of the hat by making a “door” across the hat half way down.  The cloth is sewn half way around the side of the hat and then the other half is held in place with Velcro.  Or use a bit of cardboard to fit the circumference of the inside of the hat. This is taped in with strong black duct tape like a hinge and the other side is locked in place with a clip.  Into this secret compartment you can place all sorts of fun items or a live guinea pig or small rabbit.  Big hats are found at costume and clown stores.

Here is the secret flap inside the magic hat.

Here is the secret flap inside the magic hat.


And Now the Comedy –  With dramatic motions and pride the clown steps forward and shows the hat empty.  “And now the Rabbit from the Hat Mystery!!!” Exaggerated magical gestures are displayed and then the clown stops and freezes. Then the clown slowly reaches into the hat and pulls out a thin string…  ” a hair?”   “No this should be a Rabbit!”

The clown makes the dramatic gestures again and reaches in and pulls out a small hat.  “Nooooo, Not a hat from a hat!!!!”

Look at the hat and say I want something fluffy from the hat. The magic gesture is repeated and our fun clown reaches in and looks delighted. Slowly a bit of fluffy white is seen poking above the edge of the hat… the clown continues to bring it up and it gets longer and longer – clown is confused and then this is seen to be a feather boa! (these can be found at costume shops and even WalMart) Clown does a short silly dance with it.. then realized what is going on and throws it away and points to the hat and exclaims, “I want something with long ears!!!”

The magical gesture is made again and then a peek into the hat and slowly pulls out two white ears… that get longer and longer.  The foot long ears are attached to a small toy or stuffed dinosaur!  “WHat?? I did not want a Rabbit-a-sauruis Rex!!! I want a bunny!”

Comedy magician now reaches in hat and pulls out a few dollar bills… “No Bunny not Money!!”

Frantically the clown goes back and forth flailing arms in a excessive magical manner and states “I want something with a puff for a tail now! Abracadabra!”

Reaches in and brings out a toy plastic cow with a large pom-pom on its tail. The clown gasps, stares at the cow, daintily turns it around and looks at the tail for a moment, then looks at the audience with jaw dropped and frozen in a blank expression and suddenly makes a shocked almost crying face like Lucy – “Whaaaaaa!!!!”

“I think I need a new hat!” Frantically looks around for a hat. A few baseball caps and an Viking helmet type hat are quickly displayed – “No, no, no!!”  Clown steps off stage for a moment and a couple other hats are tossed out. At this moment off stage or behind the backdrop a real bunny can be put into the hat… or the hat switched quickly for an identical hat that has the bunny inside.  This hat is now brought out and put on the table as the clown looks at another odd hat.

The bunny will soon poke its head up and look out the top of the hat. The audience will see this… but the performer is too occupied in misery to notice a real bunny has appeared!  Of course the kids go nuts and point and the clown looks but does not see the rabbit as the clown is looking in the wrong direction each time. Which brings more pandemonium.  Finally the silly clown sees the bunny.  the clown is shocked… Picks up the rabbit and says to the kids, “How did you do that?”  A big smile and, “You made a rabbit in a hat, give yourselves a big round of applause!!”

To train the bunny to poke its head out of the top of hat… simply practice in advance and give it a nibble on a carrot every time it pokes its head up.  In no time you will have a smart bunny!

This routine is all about fun and acting – and re-acting to the situations presented by the crazy hat. You will bring the house down with this fun-tastic routine.

Norm is a comedy entertainer who has performed and taught at many W.C.A. conventions. More about the author at