Iman Lizaraz – World Class Eccentric Comedy Performer

– by: Norman the Clown

Eccentric Performer! Commedia Della Basque! Juggling! Dance! Pantomime! Clowning! She’s one of the most unique performers of the modern stage! IMAN! Bringing her unique comedy performance to our 2016 World Clown Convention.  Iman Lizarazu regularly performs  with Avner the Eccentric and at scores of Circus and Comedy Arts Festivals across Europe, Africa as well as North and Central America.

Iman was born in a small French Village where her family lived for over 800 years. The family’s home is in the Basque region, with a fascinating history that goes back 6,000 years.

Iman’s unique style of clowning is mixed with juggling, circus antics and physical comedy. You will want to be in Orlando to see Iman our featured performer. It is an inspiring show that will long be remembered.

You may have seen her fantastic show in Orlando at our W.C.A. convention in 2016!

The wonderful comedy of Iman!

The wonderful comedy of Iman!

Here’s some Reviews, as always RAVE REVIEWS!
My favorite act of the evening was the incredibly talented Iman Lizarazu, a French Basque artist whose hair is more charismatic than most people’s whole personalities. Lizarazu combines pantomime, juggling, dance (and a gorgeously radiant smile) into a silent yet utterly captivating performance that sparkles with a graceful intelligence”     – European Weekly

Original, invigorating , tender and genuine, Iman’s solo performances brings her fine art of physical comedy in addition to her topnotch juggling skills. She is an accomplished mime and physical comedian. Her performance is filled with a wide range of comic disciplines from circus arts to commedia dell’arte. Outstanding! We love Iman.”      –New York Times, Virginia Cahill

Iman’s History in Clowning

Iman’s Father worked with the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow bringing her to Russia as a young girl, Iman studied classical ballet and choreography. Her first stage performance was as a mouse in the Nutcracker when she was just six. During these formative years, Iman spent most of her time at the Moscow Circus training gym, learning circus arts from some wonderful artists.

As a teen Iman studied at the Circus school in Dresden, Germany where she polished her juggling skills. She was able to bypass High School when she tested into technical school. She majored in Medical Technology, but didn’t enjoy the sight of blood, so switched her major to Physics and Math. After two years, she went to Moscow and studied at the Lomonosov University. Iman went on to earn a PhD in Astrophysics with Honors from the Max Plank Institute in Munich in 1995. At graduation the faculty mused “the fresh wind had left the institute.

Iman has been active in Clowns Without Borders since its beginnings in 1993 when she volunteered in refugee camps in Kosovo, Bosnia. That same year she went to St. Petersburg and Georgia, Russia to perform as well as teach in orphanages. Additional Clowns Without Borders work includes performing and teaching in Cuba in ’97, ’98, and ’99 and teaching and establishing the first circus school on the east coast of Africa in Nairobi. She has worked with Doctors Without Borders in hospitals in Somalia in 2009. She was performing and teaching in Haiti in 2010, and performing in California state prisons in 2012.

Iman is co-owner and co-creator of Renegade Juggling, where she and her partner have made juggling equipment for 25 years.

Iman is a person of many languages, yet on stage she performs silently. She is passionate about clowning and dedicates her time and considerable energy to exploring and honing her craft. Iman studied at the School of Mime with Marcel Marceau, and with Masters Julie Goell and Avner the Eccentric. This background helped her blend her training with her rich cultural background, resulting is a compelling, intoxicating show.

Combining four decades of training with her capable and expressive physique, Iman has created an engaging 75-minute solo show entitled “Basquette Quese”. This entertaining portrayal of a character suffering from insomnia takes us through one night, with a series of mesmerizing and gravity-defying vignettes. Iman’s intelligence, passion to perform, and deep range of techniques have come together to create an amazing, tender and insightful clown character. And with her passion for music, there is a provocative soundtrack to propel the story, composed by Jon Scoville and Les Yeux Noir.

Iman now lives in Santa Cruz, California; and her life is filled with her many including photography, painting, presenting conceptual art along with her varied vaudeville performances. She’s even a singer, though she admits she can’t sing very well, but does it anyway.

Iman presented her hilarious stage show at our Orlando W.C.A. Convention in 2016.

“Basquette Quese” starring Iman Lizarazu
Directed: Julie Goell and Avner the Eccentric
Is a poetic tale about a clown in a war to fall asleep! In her classic comedic battle, Iman, the consummate Pierrot (the iconic character of mime and Commedia dell’Arte) cooks up hilarious strategies to exhaust herself. The result is a rollicking whirlwind of bed-time antics – juggling pillow feathers – a Flamenco ballet while juggling seven rings – a pirate’s adventure atop a Rola Bola – and even a Tango Dance with “Max” her clothes hanger! Her performance totally mesmerizes the audience. Her world renowned physical comedy blended with brilliant mime, dance and juggling deliver original, invigorating, tender and genuine, entertainment. Iman, like no other, is a World Master and Teacher of Eccentric Performing, Circus Arts, and Commedia dell’Arte.

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