Blab-I-Gail Memorial Scholarship Guidelines

Remembering Dorothy Miller – Click Here

  • The Blab-I-Gail (Dorothy Miller) Memorial scholarship is available to all World Clown Association members. A minimum of two (2) scholarships will be given annually in the amount of the WCA Convention registration fee.
  • Any member of World Clown Association interested in applying for this scholarship must do so by applying online on the WCA website at Members may only apply for one WCA Scholarship (Blab-I-Gail or Bo Dino) in the same year.
  • Reciliients must use the scholarship to attend the upcoming World Clown Association Convention within the year receiving the scholarship.
  • A Blab-I-Gail Memorial scholarship may be awarded one time for a World Clown Association member.
  • Scholarship winners must agree to write an article for the WCA publication CLOWNING AROUND regarding their experiences at the World Clown Association Convention within six months of attending the convention
  • Members of the WCA scholarship Committee and their families are ineligible to apply for a scholarship in the year that they serve on the committee.
  • SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN November 1st. They will be dated as received online. The WCA scholarship Chair will forward applications to the scholarship Committee members for their assessments. Winners will be notified by December 15th.

How to Apply

Applications must be completed on the World Clown Association website. On the application, type in your answers to each of the five (5) questions. Please be precise and use no more than two pages. To complete your Scholarship, attach ONE PHOTO of yourself in clown costume and makeup OR in plain clothes if you are a First of May (beginning clown) and have not ever been in clown costume and makeup. Finally, click SEND to e-mail your application to the scholarship Chair. An e-mail will be sent acknowledging your submission. - Click Here to Apply

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