Alley of the Year

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Every year the World Clown Association presents an award to that one special clown Alley that stands above the rest.  It is not given lightly to just any Alley.  It is given to the WCA Alley that sets the standards for other Alleys around the world.

What has your Alley been doing that could make it this years winners?

Here’s a quick reminder of criteria that needs to be met to be considered for the Alley of the Year Award 2013:

  • The Alley must be a current WCA Alley in good standing
  • What impact has your Alley had in your community?
    • Nursing home/Veterans visits
    • Hospital/Hospice work
    • Civic groups
    • Parades, walks, public events
    • Schools (all ages)
    • Holidays/Festivals
    • Libraries
    • Other
  • Clown Education
    • Clown classes
    • Scholarships available for clowns from Alley money
    • Alley lectures/Seminars
    • Number of educational activities offered to the Alley
    • Recruiting new members
    • Alley morale and participation
    • Alley material available to members (books, videos, etc.)
  • Conventions
    • Attending and participating members
    • Sponsoring/Hosting
    • Presentations
  • Grants
    • Funds received for Alley
    • Funds received for community
  • Alley Participation in International Clown Week
  • Total number of current WCA members
  • Why our Alley should be ALLEY OF THE YEAR.

Do not be intimidated by alleys that are larger than you or alleys that have been with WCA for many years.  Each alley will be evaluated individually for their accomplishments and contributions to the art of clowning.  We have a number of new, very active alleys this year, so be creative and show us what makes your alley the best.  Every application will be read and considered.  Please DO NOT post photo albums, scrapbooks, or video – only the application form. You may include some pictures, if you choose, with your application but these cannot be returned so don’t send Alley Scrapbooks or that kind of thing. You may support your application with emails that include relevant information and links that could help your application.

Please send your completed application only, which should include information pertaining to the items listed above.  DEADLINE IS JANUARY 31.  Anything received after January 31 will be returned unopened to you.  Send it to WCA Alley Director, c/o WCA Business Office,  6164 Scherr Road Berrien Springs, MI 49103.  Any questions, please email