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Greetings from the World Clown Association!!
Wow, there are so many exciting things going on right now that I wanted to remind you of some important dates and items!!

Room reservations can be made at our special convention rate only through February 9!!!!  After that date, no guarantees.  Go to this link:
There are AMAZING things that will be happening at the upcoming convention in Albuquerque!  I really hope that you can join us.  You can find lots of information at our website at the following link.  At the bottom of that same page you can link to the tentative schedule and see what a lineup of great classes we are going to have.
Our fantastic Caring Clown Director, Anand Sharma recently shared with us that due to some issues with his aging parents in his home country of India…..he will not be able to join us in Albuquerque as previously planned.  With this information we have decided to CANCEL the planned Caring Clown Opportunity one afternoon and fill that time with more classes.  We have some great classes dealing with Caring Clowning throughout the week. 
The theme for the convention is FIESTA so come prepared for our FIESTA theme party!  You will be greeted by a Mariachi band who will be entertaining us during our meal. Lot of other fun and surprises throughout the evening.
There is a Facebook Page for the 2019 World Clown Association Convention.  If you want to connect at the airport with someone else arriving near the same time as you, feel free to post your arrival/departure times on that facebook page. 
COMPETITON – If you plan to compete, please print out the rules in advance and read through them carefully.  You can find them at the following link:  There will be a MANDATORY COMPETITION MEETING at the beginning of the convention that you MUST attend so check the schedule for it.  If you’re coming alone and would like to try to connect with someone to possible compete in group skits, please share your information on the 2019 convention facebook page.  It’s a FUN experience and a great way to make more friends!
Voting is open NOW online!  If you are reading this electronic newsletter, that means that you would have definitely received a ballot to vote online.  It may have appeared in your spam folder, but I hope you received it!  Please VOTE!!!  It is important….not only to the people who are running, but also to vote for changes to our by-laws to keep our association current and fresh.  If you are unable to locate it in your email either write to or call the office at 800-336-7922 and have them email another link.  In a cost saving move, paper ballots are only being sent to members who do NOT have an email address on file.  It is so much easier to vote online……please DO VOTE!
2020 Convention Announcement!!!!  The secret location will officially be announced in Albuquerque.  But wait….that’s not all!  A very special early-bird registration will be announced that week on our Facebook Page, while we are at the convention!!!  So you will want to be following the WCA members only facebook page carefully that week so you don’t miss a thing! 
As the end of January draws near, we will soon be converging on Albuquerque for our annual convention.  The last evening of the convention I will have the great pleasure on installing your new President, Andrew Davis to lead this fabulous organization.  I am really excited about this change since I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew on the Executive Committee for 3 years.  Our organization is lucky to have this brilliant (and entertaining) young man in our leadership. 
It has been a privilege and honor for me to serve as your President the past 2 years.  I will remain on the Executive Committee for one more year.  Immediately following the convention my responsibility will be NOMINATIONS for the next year’s slate of officers.  So please……..I also share now that there are so many ways that you can help this organization at many different levels.   If not in an elected position then as a committee member working behind the scenes.  WE NEED YOU!
As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do contact me personally.
Pam Moody
The WCA is offering a chance to win a dinner with the one the only Tony Lambrini at the 2019 Convention in Albuquerque. Raffle Tickets are $5.
For more information check out the WCA Convention page at
2019 Convention Memory Book Advertising Rates

Full Page (7 .5 x 10) $150
Half Page (3.5 x 10) or (7.5 X 5) $80
Quarter Page (3.5 x 5) $50
Eighth Page (business card size) $25
Single line note in Program $10 USD
Special price for Covers full Color
Back cover $ 200 USD
Inside Back Cover $175
Inside Front cover $175
Advertising Details
All ads must be print ready (.jpeg format) or a $30 set fee will apply. Deadline for submission January 30, 2019
Send your high resolution layout by email under the subject line:
WCA Program 2019
Payment Details:
Mail in ads, checks addressed to:
Norm Barnhart
Re: WCA Program
24355 Moody Lane
Chisago MN 55013-9696
Or E-transfer to:
Or on-line at:
Do not hesitate to contact Norm at 651-503-0370 for any question about the book
Do I REALLY need insurance?

I am often asked the same questions quite often. Here are some of them

Why do I need insurance?
Well the simple answer is just in case. For the cost of just $155 you are covered for just about anything you would be liable for during your performance. All it takes is one small error to cost you thousands of dollars, but with the insurance we have you covered. An example is a few years ago there was a WCA member that caused a very small stain on a carpet during a party. The homeowner them demanded that the entire house be carpet cleaned so that all the carpets matched. Needless to say this cost more then the premium the member paid. The insurance company took care of it. 

Where am I covered?
The insurance has you covered just about any place in the world with the exceptions of Embargoed North Korea. 
How about on a Cruise Ship? YES!!!

Who is covered?

The Insurance covers an WCA member with a US mailing address.

The policy covers assistants of the member at no cost so long as the assistant is:
1) A Current WCA member
2) Performing the same skill set (ballon twisting)
3) At the same venue

What about my homeowners insurance?
Often homeowners insurance does not provide coverage while conducting business. If you are relying on your homeowners insurance please check with your broker to make sure.
Exciting New Insurance Coverage Coming for May.
Want to know more?
The Official Announcement will be at the 2019 Convention
This is a reminder that all Alley membership forms were due November 1st. 
You can renew online at:
I am reaching out with a request to influence the future of clowning. We are seeking WCA Alleys and WCA Members to sponsor a Junior Joey for the WCA Convention.  Your sponsorship would provide a Junior Joey with free or reduced registration to the WCA Convention.  Attending the WCA Convention is hugely inspirational to a young person who has an interest in clowning. 

While at the WCA Convention our Junior Joeys have an opportunity to attend classes designed just for them as well as the regular WCA Convention classes.  Each WCA Convention has a Junior Joey Program for our youth ages 6 - 15.  During the program the Junior Joeys will learn clowning basics such as character development, improvisation, balloon twisting, stage presence, magic, etc.  Occasionally a guest speaker will drop by to teach, in the past the program has been visited by past WCA Presidents as well as Master Clowns. 

Attending the WCA Convention is a wonderful opportunity for our young WCA members.  You can feel good knowing that you are helping to keep the future of clowning alive.  Use the WCA Jr Joey Sponsor Donation Form are available at:

Thank you for your consideration. 
Greg ‘Cactus Patch’ Chalmers WCA Junior Joey Committee Chair 
A few years ago a group of approximately 20 WCA members  provided input to then President Randy Christensen on the stance the WCA should take on certain issues in clowning. Out of that came 6 Position Papers that the WCA has adopted. Here is a small sample of them. The Full text is available on the members area on

1) What is the WCA All About?. 
The World Clown Association is an educational organization teaching the art of clowning and supporting our members and clown groups, called alleys.  We are here to help clowns network, improve their skills, and provide opportunities to showcase the art of clowning around the world.  ....

2) The Healing Power of Humor
Over the years, many cultures have had clown characters serve in the role of comic relief; bringing laughter after a serious problem in the family or community; or bringing back a sense of hope and joy after a natural disaster .....

3) What is WCA's View on the horror Clown Depictions in Society?
It is a great pity that clowns are so often used, for dramatic effect, as the villain of a movie or TV show or advertising piece. One has to remember that by portraying horror clowns in scary movies and other media, the producers are looking for a certain kind of reaction from their audience. They are looking to frighten audiences. This is not an area that only involves clowns.....

4) What should we say when there is a negative report in the media about clowns?
If there is a legitimate complaint concerning a clown’s performance, the first thing that should be determined is whether the clown is a member of a professional clown organization, such as WCA.  If they are not, as is hopefully the case, this should be mentioned before any other comments are made.
Many times, rather than being defensive, it is better to redirect or deflect the question or complaint to a more positive idea....

5) Why do people decide to become Clowns?
Quoting our World Clown Association Past President from Southport, England, Arthur Pedlar "They don't decide - they can't help it!" Actually, there are many reasons people become clowns. Some have enjoyed clowns since their childhood and want to try sharing miles of smiles and hugs. Many have some experience in other entertainment arts ...

6) How do I learn to be a clown?
This is a good question, because many aspects of clowning can be taught including how to properly apply clown makeup; how to put together a good-looking costume; how to perform skills such as skits, making animal balloons, or juggling; and how to put together a cohesive performance...

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